Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust (WGST)

WGST is a nonpolitical, nonreligious and nonprofit organization. The objective of WGST is to support tribal communities in Wayanad with education, employment and empowerment related projects.

Desh Seva Samiti (DSS)

Desh Seva Samiti is a not-for-profit NGO, deeply committed to social work. DSS has adopted several slum communities around Mumbai. It has ongoing programs encompassing educational support for primary and secondary kids, women employment via their Saathi program and setting up canteens run by women from these communities. They have five centers in the Western suburbs of Mumbai, supporting women who have been affected by ‘domestic violence’.

Rural Community Trust

The rural Community Trust is a non-profit organization working for children from impoverished rural communities. It focuses on the empowerment of women through micro-credit and saving schemes, training and other workshops. RCT’s core objective is to provide youngsters with the skill and opportunity required to become self-sufficient, responsible and productive citizens. In 1988, RCT established Home for Rural Poor Boys and Girls to offer a safe living environment for orphaned and destitute children from the surrounding rural villages. Many of these children are socially disabled and oppressed.


A non-profit working on wildlife and ecological conservation projects since 2007. Most wildlife sanctuaries in India have a number of forest dwelling communities and many of these have been relocated from within forests. Exclusive models of conservation that try to keep people out of the forests have failed historically. Junglescapes adopts an “inclusive” model of conservation that actively involves local forest dwelling communities in the conservation initiatives. Have been on reforestation efforts in all the major national parks, in Southern India.