"Anawim" in Hebrew means 'Poor'. Anawim Trust was initiated in 1993 by a group of concerned individuals from Tuticorin, in the South Eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. The organization works with more than 40 villages and rural communities facing severe marginalization in social, economic and cultural terms.  Most of the village people survive by providing unskilled labor for daily wages. Anawim works through three major programs to empower the rural poor: Women, Children and Environment.

Amar Seva Sangam

The Sangam was established in 1981, the International Year of the disabled. The Founder became a Quadriplegic in his 20s. Following intensive self-rehabilitation, he decided to serve the society. Assisted by a few other people like him, he built a Valley for the challenged. Their vision was to make Amar Seva Sangam a model center catering to the multiple needs of the disabled. The organization that started with just a handful of children, is now an institution of significant social relevance offering immeasurable support and services to thousands differently abled individuals.

Bhoomika Trust

Bhoomika Trust was set up in 2001. Its main focus is to support the educational and livelihood needs of underprivileged individuals. Further, Bhoomika has also been working extensively with the victims of natural disasters (relief work after earthquake, flood and tsunami).


Foundation for Action, Motivation and Empowerment India (FAME India), is a Non-profit, Non-governmental organization. Their aim was to nurture and empower differently-abled children, especially from less privileged homes. The organization focuses on children and young adults with neuro-muscular and developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, Down's syndrome and muscular dystrophy.

FAME has successfully extended its services to hundreds of children, with a wonderful team of special educators, staff and volunteers. Most of these students have multiple disabilities and come from lower economic groups.