There is a substantial amount of high-quality curriculum content readily available in the open domain. It was therefore decided to apply a concentrated effort on the curation of existing content to provide teachers with educational resources to support curriculum delivery in the classroom.

The curation of open source content is a crucial component of ELE delivery. Curriculum content is customized and fine-tuned to meet the individual needs of local schools and communities. Additional content is developed by Paadhai volunteers in circumstances where specific open source material is not available.

At the heart of the ELE program, is the goal that students enjoy learning, have fun with it and be academically inspired. The curation of educational content is designed in ways that encourage interactive learning where exploration, experimentation and discovery is part of the everyday classroom environment.

All curated and created content is made available free online and is offered in an editable form so that teachers can if required, make further adjustments to suit their individual student needs.